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    This is a stopmotion project that I worked on in a group of eight.
This is a group project which involves eight people including me. Everything right from the story, characters, concept , sets, props has been done by us. It was a fabulous and fresh learning experience and also made us use everything that we had learnt till now.
THE STORY: The story is about how these days kids are exposed to sex at a very young age. And in our country where sex is a hush -hush topic, many kids don't even have their parents for guidance. Also many parents are so busy in their jobs that they don't have time for their kids at all.Our story is about one such kid, whose parents don't have time for him and who gets exposed to sex through television, printed media, internet etc. and how he gets traumatised by it at first.
The following are a few images of the shots of the film and the set. 
Among the props my job was mainly to make all the paper material needed for the set like the magazines and newspapers above and the calendar below.