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    Self promotional business cards screen printed with multiple inks on 1/16" acrylic plastic.
Screen Printed Acrylic Plastic
I wanted to do something tactile and unique for my business system. After a lot of sketching and brainstorming sessions I came up with the idea of screen printing my cards on plastic. I wanted them to be see through and give each card a unique touch.

I burnt the screen in my laundry room (as a makeshift darkroom) with a work light and pulled the prints on my kitchen table. Since I had all the materials and I had the acrylic donated (they were scrap pieces from a local plastic warehouse) I only spent about $17 on various ink colors. I would splat different colors on the screen--known as split fountain--and do a pull, so each sheet of cards, and each card itself, had a different look to it. I used the score-and-snap method to break them apart using a utility knife, then sanded the edges so they wouldn't scratch anybody. Before breaking them apart though, I sprayed each sheet with a clear enamel, which sealed the ink and prevented fingernails or wallets from scratching the ink off the surface. All in all, the project took a couple of weeks at a leisurely pace and cost me almost nothing, and I gained a lot of experience from it.