Urban Stedsinnovasjon
This is an animation project that we made to summarize
the interregional EU-project “Urban place innovation”.
The goal of this project was to strengthen the region on both sides of the Swedish/Norwegian border to help businesses and communities grow by sharing ideas and insight.
As the project came to the planned ending, the involved parts felt a need to tell the story to a wider audience on what the results of the whole project has been.

Netron was given this task, and we are proud to say we have done the entire project in house from start to finish.
This is the short story about the project “Urban Place Innovation.”
Here is the movie and the process behind:

Behind the scenes


All stories starts with a script.
Our goal is of course to make the story as short and visual as possible
and to open up for the voice over and visuals to compliment each other.
This story had the additional challenge of being told in Norwegian and Swedish. 


Once we get the script approved, we move on to make a storyboard
and often an animatic to get the idea of the timing.
When making stories with voice over, we sometimes have to struggle with telling an equally interesting visual and audiovisual story.

3d modelling

We decided early on that we wanted to make this a 3D-animation,
which makes it more time-consuming than doing this in 2D.
This gives us the advantage of moving the camera around and
reusing objects at different angles.

Reference collage and Landmarks models: A reference collage by pictures of the models you're gonna make is very helplful. 

Character design

Characters are more challenging than most would think.
 As soon as you make something with a personality, you need to carefully balancing it between being too naive and cartoonish, and being mundane.
If it ends up too humorous, you might discredit the whole story.
The characters need to fit into it all and support the story - not being the story.

We ended up doing these characters in 2D to enhance the expressions
and communication between them.

Character animation

All the characters are based on the same rig.
We made our own controller for this, enabling us to animate them as puppets.
This is a technique we have used in 3D before, like on this Assa Abloy project.
This puppet rig is set up in After Effects, combining both the Rubber Hose and Joystick plug-ins

Character rig: We used a Joystick rig for the body and the mouth and Rubber hose for the arms and legs.
This worked perfectly for animating these characters.

Urban Stedsinnovasjon
Multiple Owners
Elis Barmen