Duke the Great Dane came to us earlier this year and was the catalyst for this project. Only 6 months old it didn't matter how nicely he sat he still looked like a big droopy goofball! As soon as I saw him I knew that I had to turn this guy into a character. 

Here Duke aka 'Lord Poochington' sits down to his morning cuppa and opens the paper to find out that Princess Fluffington and her hoard of feral felines have taken over the city! Oh My Dog! He used to spend his days dictating to others and being waited on hand and for by his feline staff. What will he do now?!
Harry came to us just a mere Staghound looking for his time to shine. A beautiful soul with a hunger for the treat jar I saw a budding chef waiting to create the finest dishes from the freshest cats. 
So now that he has his own diner you can visit for a fresh plate of spaghetti and furballs or perhaps try the (cough).... Catch of the Day. 
Now a Michelin rated chef and a bloody good catch, we think Harry has found his true calling. 

Lola the Boston Terrier pranced into the studio, head held high and nailed each pose like a pro. Her royal ‘look down her nose’ gaze never faulted and I knew right then that I had found my princess. 

Born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth Princess Lola spends her days swanning around her castle, lunching with other highbrow royalty canines and looking down upon us mere humans. Don't be fooled though, if Lola doesn't get her daily walkies she can throw a tantrum like any true commoner. 


This feisty feline came into the studio with more attitude than Kanye West. After making the place his own he spat the dummy half way through and we thought we were done. But a some treats and a few 'good kitty's' later this guy bounced back like a diva and let us finish his photo session. 

Bagpuss is a firm believer in 'Pussy Rights' and spends his time spreading the message far and wide. He is now on the 2020 campaign trail and is set to take out the pussy grabber himself by 'Grabbing Back!'. He already thinks America is great and will enforce some decency back into the White House. 

We think Bagpuss is just what the White House needs so come November 2019 remember to VOTE 1 Bagpuss.
PUNK'S NOT DEAD..... she's just been sleeping.

When Jeddabug first pounced into the studio her little scruffy demeanour and distaste for being touched screamed we have a little punk on our hands here! 

Raising hell wherever she goes, she is not afraid to bite back if she doesn't like the cut of your jib. Jeddabug embodies the anarchist attitude and spends her days hanging out with her best friend Sheena and rocking out to her favourite bands like Refused. 


Kingston barrelled into the studio and was an instant hit. A little nugget of energy with an insatiable appetite, Kingston won our hearts. I put the jacket on him and he instantly lifted his lip and I knew we had an Elvis wannabe on our hands. 

A little rebellious at times but a sweetheart when it counts, Kingston is a real ladies man sweeping the gals off their feet every time he takes to the stage. With a swag of Number 1 hits under his belt and his bad boy demeanour Kingston spends his days surrounded by beautiful women and he loves each and every one of them. He swears on his Mum. 


Meet Chester. Full time Scottish terrier, Part Time Hipster DJ. 

Chester's hipster vibe stuck out like a loose thread on a woollen cardigan as soon as he waled into the studio.

That Beard!
That Fringe!
...That Look!

All cooler than I could ever hope to be (and I drink my cocktails from mason jars!)

Here we've captured Chester at one of his sets in the backroom of a dive bar on Brunswick Street. He's lugged his decks and vinyls to the show on the tram and set up a good 20 minutes late. As the house music fades and the stage lights come on we wonder, what's his iPhone doing there...?

Kiwi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who hails from the beautiful Kapiti Coast in the North Island of New Zealand c/o Wales.

He's a fun loving, energetic little fluff ball who is full of happiness and a hunger that just can't be tamed!. I

Tonight we find Kiwi eagerly awaiting dinner time. With only minutes remaining, he drools in anticipation. Dressing his finest for such a glorious feast he sits and waits for the dinner bell to chime. He looks at you to say "I know I'm a good boy" before diving on in!

Loki the Leonberger only ever wanted to be a 'good boy'. Weighing in at "my scales don't go that high" he is all heart. It is this heart that makes him an excellent choice for King although sometimes he longs for days past. 

 As King Loki reminisces of a time that a ball and cuddles where all that mattered his portrait hangs askew in his royal palace. Now with the weight of the kingdom on his shoulders he reluctantly rules over his subjects with a wet nose and lots of slobber!

Penny danced into the studio hair all a floof, groomed to within and inch of her life. Full of glamour and finesse, It was right then that I knew Penny would be our showgirl.

Penny spends her days with the crew and at night performing in all the major theatres around the country. Life on the road as a showgirl is glamorous but does have it's down side. She loves to perform but it does keep her apart from the love of her life. She keeps a picture of him on her mirror to remind her of home but pines for him and sometimes it is more than her heart can bear. 

When Mr Fu stepped into the studio he was nothing but a gentleman. A sweet older guy with a desire to please we knew that he was full of old fashioned manners and created a character to suit him.

Mr Fu loves fashion and always looks his dapper best. He never leaves home without his bowtie and hat on as it just wouldn't be proper. He spends his days indulging in science fiction novels by H.G. Wells and tinkering in his garage with bits and bobs he picks up from garage sales. 

Lucy Lou is all but 10 weeks old. She was very shy coming into the studio but soon came out of her shell once the peanut butter came out! 

Here we find Lucy Lou at her PB&J stand trying to raise money for obedience school classes. She spends her day here but is far from her goal because she keeps eating all the peanut butter! It's a catch 22 for poor little Lucy Lou. She really want to be a good girl but that peanut butter s just too tempting!

12 year old Sparkle came into the studio dressed in his best bow tie and all manners. That was until the treats came out! It seems Sparkle has a weakness for all things tasty and spent the whole time with his eye on the prize. 

Here we find Sparkle aka  'Sherlock Bones' on the hunt to solve the mystery of the disappearing treat jar. This case has taken him all around the world sniffing out leads and tracking them down. He is hot on the case and is so close he can almost taste those delicious snacks! 
Basil loves Tim Tams! He sits, sips his coffee and enjoys Australia’s favorite biscuit. Not a bad way to spend retirement. (Please don’t give chocolate or coffee to your dogs though!)

Boston the Irish Setter is Irish by breed and Irish by nature. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a nice long pint of Guinness. (Please don’t give your dogs beer. No matter how much they want it!)

Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier is a good boy by day and a super boy by night. Protecting the public from pestering packs of prowling pussies!

Rocket, Izzy and Ghost

Rocket, Izzy and Ghost are the ferrets who know the value of a good friend group. Together they can party until they Ghost inevitably falls asleep.

Gomez the Persian doing what Selvester couldn’t. Sufferin' succotash!

Harvey the Dachshund finally caught his tail and he only had to bend the laws of physics to do it! Such a clever boy!

Henry the Jack Russel Maltese cross is warning you to beware of his cheekiness.
Hudson & Murphy

Hudson & Murphy the French Bulldogs celebrating years of happy marriage with some serious head tilts.

JJ the Jack Russell Terrier is a good girl. She’ll sit on command even if her mum is nowhere to be seen…

Muffin the Bulldog could not be more proud of her recent achievement. Class Clown from the Naughty Paws Institute is a highly coveted title she has worked very hard to earn.

Neo the Great Dane is forever wondering why people call him Scooby!

Rupert the Bulldog will go the distance with anyone. After years of training from Rocky (the Bull Terrier, not that Rocky) he remains undefeated against any cat who dares challenge him.
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