The museum was founded in 1926 as the first scientific institution of Kyrgyzstan and on the March 5th, 1927, it has opened the first exhibition. The modern building, where the museum is now located, was built as a branch of the museum named after V. Lenin in 1984 dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan designed by a group of local architects.

Goal: In honor of the reconstruction of the building, our team was asked to develop a new identity for the National Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Idea: The museum building itself is a recognizable object and thanks to nowadays minimalist trends, has become even more relevant. Therefore, in the logo, we decided to show it by marking out the letter “M”.

Solution: While developing the logo, guideline, layouts for outdoor advertising and merchandise, one of the main tasks was not to deface the facade of the building and to get rid of the old sign without harming the new one. That's why we decided not to place a symbol on it, but to leave only the type. Corporate color is also dictated by the museum itself. The bronze-gold color became a bright accent in the interior of the museum after reconstruction, according to the project of the German architectural bureau.
National history museum of the Kyrgyz Republic identity