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    In this folio I go through the complete process of managing the creation of a brand; from authoring the corporate vision, developing the brand na… Read More
    In this folio I go through the complete process of managing the creation of a brand; from authoring the corporate vision, developing the brand name, designing the brand identity, through to communications media design, and finally the launch of the brand. It was really humbling to have the opportunity to contribute to such an inspiring organisation, and I hope you enjoy the folio. Read Less
Essential Partners of the Young and Well CRC:
Supporting Partners of the Young and Well CRC:
My involvement:
I was invited to collaborate with the Young and Well CRC at a very early stage to help develop the name, logo, brand identity and communications infrastructure of the research centre.
After facilitating a naming and vision workshop in Melbourne with the Youth Brains Trust, I established the creative platform that drove the development of the brand, from physical media through to branded environments and digital spaces. 
Having been involved with the Young and Well CRC from the very beginning, I feel so humbled to have contributed to such an inspiring organisation, and look forward to supporting the CRC’s vision for all young people to be safe, healthy and resilient. 
"My view is that people are creative animals and will figure out clever
new ways to use tools that the inventor never imagined"
- Steve Jobs
One of the most exciting parts of this project was watching this happen - seeing amazingly talented and innovative people using the brand identity elements in ways I never imagined. This is truly the joy of a project like this, knowing that what you create is only the start of a journey, and that future collaborators and designers will take it further than I ever could on my own.
In this folio I've also included some of the highlights of their work. I want to thank some key people for thier amazing input, in particular Vicki Forbes, Doug Millen, the Youth Brains Trust, and the team at HelloMedical for thier amazing work.
These pieces by Doug Millen capture the essence of the brand beautifully -
One of the truly innovative aspects of the Young and Well CRC's approach is putting young people at it's centre. This is exemplified by the workshop I facilitated with the Youth Brains Trust - as a group, they authored the vision statement for the organisation. I took them through a process of everyone putting forward their thoughts, and the collectively consolidating them into a singular statement of intention. It was a truly magical event, as it came together I was astounded at how aligned everyone was, and the vision statement came together so easily. 
Here are some notes from each group:
And after a lot of editing and input from some very talented people, here is the final vision statement:
The Name
From here we were able to move onto naming the organisation. By doing the vision statement process first, we were all able to set very clear criteria of what the name would represent.
Everyone put forward ideas, and I left the day with a lot of options! As you can imagine, choosing the name for an organisation with over 70 partner organisations and a very large number of key stakeholders was never going to be straightforward. In the end, Vicki Forbes (who is in my opinion a communications genius!) came up with a name that captured the esssence of what the vision statement and overall purpose was all about:
The name represents Young People and Wellbeing. Through the typography, it's also about You - and - We are all invested in this together. We are all young once, most of us will have children and be responsible for young people in some way. Through this name, the organisation is connected to every one of us.
Organisations are rarely lucky enough to have names that truly represent their values and purpose, and this is one of those few cases were there is so much meaning and relevance from this first point of contact. Congratulations to the team and to Vicki!

The Branding Infrastructure 
I created too many files to include all of them here - the full branding toolkit alone contains over 2500 files! So here is most of the content from the style guide. Enjoy!
Email template by the guys @ HelloMedical
youngandwellcrc.org.au by HelloMedical. 
This project was a serious undertaking for one person, and looking at all of this together I almost can't believe I did it. 
I want to thank everyone that was involved, you are all amazing.
Thanks for watching!