For Google Home’s launch in Mexico, we created suspense on what the device's first words would be in Mexican. So, to add cultural relevance to the launch, we decided to let Google answer one of the countries most controversial questions: do quesadillas go with cheese or without cheese?

As simple as it sounds, this question is very controversial amongst Mexicans around the country. If you're in Mexico City and ask for a quesadilla, and you want it to have cheese, you will have to specify your ingredients, but in northern parts of Mexico, quesadillas have cheese by default - and it changes so on throughout the country. Mexicans take this VERY serious. 

Ok Google, do you think quesadillas should have cheese in them?


Brand: Google
Agency: Circus
Team: Dauquen Chabeldin - Ana Luna - Sebastian Urrutia
Google - Quesadilla.