calligraphics art made by adobe illestritor
This is one of my paintings in the field of Arabic calligraphy by the electronic brush in the Illustrator  from Adobe
My beautiful Arabic letters
My mother then my mother and then my mother
حروفي تلهج بالدعاء في سكنات الليل
سبحانه وتعالى هو ربنا اذا اراد شيء قال له كن فيكون
هو الرحمن الرحيم
This is the name of my project that I love
بسم الله مجريها ومرساها
My company's logo that I love in the Silicon Oasis of Dubai
My artistic works about my mother
Also from my artworks about my mother
Forming the beauty of Arabic letters
Arabic calligrapher by Director program directly
The art of oriental decoration in the letter
The walls of time have forgotten it
Letters on the walls of time and space
painting for beautiful patience
Allah is the greatest

المثل العربي القديم - من جد وجد ومن سار علي الدرب وصل
Work as a calligraphy and graphic
Use the Steel Background
These are some of my paintings ready for display
I created it using Adobe Illustrator

حروفيات لغتي الجميلة التي اعشقها
النمط القديم من الخط العربي بعد التنقيط ولكن ببوصتي الاليكترونية
calligraphics art made by adobe illestritor

calligraphics art made by adobe illestritor

The art of Arabic calligraphy is integrated with graphic art