Cityval Rennes (France)
Siemens has developed a new generation of its driverless metro on tires, the CityVal.

Fifteen years after having welcomed the Val, the city of Rennes has chosen Siemens to build the second automatic metro line (line B). The very first CityVal of the new generation was presented in Berlin at Innotrans in September 2018. The 25 vehicles will be operational in 2020.

Siemens asked Yellow Window to personalise the design of the CityVal for Rennes.
After this mission, Yellow Window was also asked to adapt the CityVal to become an AirVal for use at the airports of Frankfurt and Bangkok.
2015  - 2017
Yellow Window has proposed an interior harmony of the vehicle using the color yellow, already used in the Val of the first line. This helps to reinforce the identity of the Rennes metro, still allowing for an evolution in how it is perceived. 

Yellow Window also made sure to create a link between the architecture of the stations of the B-line and the vehicles through the choice of colors and materials. Yellow was used for the fabric of the seats, including a pattern specific to Rennes and also a flooring with a concrete look. Both contribute to creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, refined and elegant.
SIEMENS - Cityval Rennes