Highly detailed mockups of plastic bottles with different colors.

Smart Objects help you to apply your design, which will follow the form of the shape.
All bottles are separated from the background, that let you put them in any environment. The cap, labels and the bottles are on separate layers, so that it is possible to switch off and on every part of the picture.

Files contains next layers:

— Highlights and shadows (Editable via Levels, Exposure or any other Ps Tools),
— Smart Objects for your design,
— Separated Drop Shadow,
— Editable White Background.
— Includes a golden layer for your design,
— There is an option to switch off the shrink sleeve on the cap.

You can purchase them here:
Clear Bottle with Fish Oil Mockup (The capsules’s color is editable.)

 My team and I specialize in creating quality packaging mockups, which you can buy here: https://yellowimages.com/prostomax .  If you cannot find the mockup you need, please contact us and we will build it for you.

Thanks for Watching!
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Pills Bottle PSD mockups