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    Conceptual Co-branding product
Belo Horizonte - Junho 2011
The project is a co-branding strategy between the brands Lalique and Petrobras, it is gift for Petrobras’ biggest customers and shareholders. The final product will contain the first extracted oil drops from the new basin and present it as a high value element capable of appreciation.
The product is an answer for a fictitious proposal made ​​by the company Lalique, in which she called for a co-branding strategy linked to a product aiming to promote the inclusion of the brand in the brazilian market. The request also defined that the final product should be made ​​of polymer.
The drops are first set in a Lalique's handmande 34mm crystal vessel.
The crystal vessel is then set in a second high performance polymer vessel. This one made by a special process resulting in a completely locked vessel.
The second vessel details are handmade by Lalique's artisans.
The product is set in a storage case wich contains the pretroleum chemical formula that varies from one basin to another.