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    Free standing house on the outskirts of Banjaluka, Bosnia&Herzegovina.
Bajic House

Banjaluka, Bosnia&Herzegovina
Freelance for Beg.Ing. Studio, Belgrade
Parcel is located at theintersection of two local streets in the suburb of Banjaluka. The house and the entry position were prescribed by the urban conditions.

The main issue that emerged fromit was the organization of the ground floor, due to unfavorable relationbetween proportion of the apartment and the required position of entrance.According to a given program, the ground floor should contain entrance with thewindshield, wardrobe and toilet, guest bedroom with bathroom and ante room,kitchen, dining room and living room.

I had to make vertical communication and toilets as narrow aspossible and to position them in the middle of the apartment (where theillumination is the worst) so I could be able to turn all the bedrooms andliving space to the facade. I also had to take intoaccount that the path from the entrance to the first representative living space has to be as short as possible and wellilluminated.

When I set up the basic schemeof the functional organization, the next step was to provide each spatial unit thatbelongs to different families (as well as different generations within each ofthem) with the necessary diversity that would allow each tenant to organizetheir private, individual space.

I achieved this with careful deformationof the organizational layout: I made indents and consoles, changed the slope ofthe roof, introduced various forms of balconies and terraces, increased anddecreased the interior space, etc. - trying to personalize each different room whilepreserving the overall compactness of the architectural form.