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Die Insel-Expedition — board game design

Illustration and design of a board game for my 2010 bachelor thesis.
The complete board game illustration
The five different tiles representing different types of discoverers. Each of them with values from one to five.
The ships anchor in the bay accommodate space for discoverers who dont fit on the isle.
While loitering on deck and getting bored, they will deduct your points.
Several areas of the isle, including the bay, a tower, a canyon.
The caption describing the icons for the several areas on the isle.
Another areal view of the isle. This time showing the desert with a sand tower, the lake and a part of the mountains.
This is the end result of my bachelor thesis in 2010. I decided to make the illustration for a (not yet published) board game of the german board game developer Günther Burkhardt.

The challenge was to illustrate a board with an isle, divided in 25 sqares. The isle is also sectioned in several landscape areas such as mountains, canyons, shores, desert, and so on. Furthermore the design of the game tiles, instructions and packaging.
Die Insel-Expedition — board game design


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Die Insel-Expedition — board game design

A board game illustration for the german game developer Günther Burkhardt. The illustration and the design of the board, tiles, instructions and Read More