ceremony of bull jumping, hamer tribe
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    I photographed the Bull jumping ceremony of the hamer tribes in the bush near turmi is a rite of passage ceremony for boy coming of age

I photographed the Bull jumping ceremony in the bush near turmi, is a rite of passage ceremony for boy coming of age.
must be done before a boy is permitted to marry, the boy must jump the cows four times to be successful. 
This test is performed while naked except for a few cords bound across the chest as a symbol of the childhood he is about to leave behind him. 
On completion of this test, the young man joins the others boys who have recently passed the same test and who spend the next few months of their lives supervising these events in villages throughout the Hamar territory.
The ceremony lasts a few days of celebration, including the typical jumping dances, accompanied by as much sorghum beer and a drink made of coffee.
Dozens of Hammers gathered in a place to start the ceremony, which is initiated by highly decorated young women most of them female relatives of the young boy, whom danced in circle and begged to be whipped by the maz, which is a group of single men, who has already gone through the adulthood test.
With their bodies covered with grease and their bare backs bleeding from open wounds, these women continued to eagerly ask for more whipping. 
They received the whipping with long and thin branches and sticks- without crying or showing pain.
Through these scars for life, these woman demonstrate their strength and their devotion to the boy who is about to become a man.
As they get beaten and performed the dance, they created natural music by wearing iron trinkets and bells around their ankles, as well as blowing some animal horns every time they jump or walk.