Scum admin commands: the best console inputs and cheats
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Scum admin commands: the best console inputs and cheats
Scum admin commands are your best friend when playing the survival game on either a private server or in single player. Console commands in Scum can be used for everything from teleporting around its massive world to spawning yourself a powerful weapon or a even a bite to eat. You can even gift yourself a few hundred Fame Points if you don’t fancy grinding them using Best 308 Scope

Fortunately, Scum admin commands are easy to use and enter, and will save you many hours gathering materials and trying to keep on top of your metabolism – Scum console commands are so useful they feel like cheats. With a few simple inputs you can equip your prisoner with high level weapons, clothes, food, and even access some of the game’s locked content.
These Scum cheats are especially useful if you have your one private server and need to deal with any miscreant players – you can ban or kick them in an instant.

Our Scum admin commands guide will walk you through how to enter console commands, what commands are available, and which ones are the most useful. Yep, we’ve got all the best console commands, so keep reading if you want to take the some of the struggle out of surviving in Scum

How do you enter Scum admin commands?
Scum admin commands are easy to enter, making it a matter of moments to get the items you want. All you have to do is have a list of commands (like this one) on hand while playing the game, hit T to bring up the text chat box, put in a hashtag, and then enter the command string followed by the desired item ID.
For example, if you want to grab an MP5, you need to hit T, then enter #spawnitem bd_weapon_mp5 followed by the Enter key. Hit TAB and you should spot the item on the floor nearby. It’s also helpful to remember that any spaces in an item name should be replaced by an _.

There’s no need to worry about upper case either, Scum admin commands are not case sensitive.