Black Cats may bring bad luck, but she's so awesome that it's totally worth it!
Black Cat A: Tonemapped to Kodak Gold 200CD, Gamma 0.9, Saturation 0.8
Black Cat B: Tonemapped to Kodak Kodachrome 64CD, Gamma 1.7, Saturation 1.0
Black Cat C: Tonemapped to Agfacolor Futura 200CD, Gamma 0.9, Saturation 1.0
Black Cat D: Clay Render
Black Cat E: Geometric Shading Normals
Black Cat F: Digital Sculpture Front
Black Cat G: Digital Sculpture Back
I created the 3D model with DAZ Studio 4.5 and used "Look at my Hair" plugin to generate the fur on the ears. The final pictures are created with Octane Render 1.10.