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This the Instagram acount of my BA Final Group Project named UNBEEP.

UNBEEP exposes the truth about the youth of today. We are seen as the generation that is breaking the more taboos and taking down prejudice. The mind of millennials is considered open and more accepting to different kinds of people. In this project, we intend to explore the multiple areas that this youth is developing a more open mind and desire to discuss subjects like body, sexuality, gender, anxiety, depression and violence. We consider important to reflect about this subjects and expose them to everyone. We intend to show what youth of today is talking about and how their viewing can change the perspective of people. We intend to start conversation about each subject and make sure they are not over viewed. We intend to show that there are different perspectives to subjects and that is ok to discuss and talk about our opinion. We intend to break the taboo.

The first intervention of this project consisted in one-o-one interviews with six people. Within this group, four millennials that answered several questions about their generation and two psychologist that gave us a professional view of the issues that concerns our generation. To these interviews followed a round table that put together a group of students and we asked them to answer and discuss between them different subjects, always focusing on taboo and prejudice. Finally, we got all this information together and with the help of news articles we created two main objects: this website and a magazine.

One of my main tasks in the project was the Social Media Development. The project was developed along with other two students Mariana Ferreira and Anabela Ferreira.

· UNBEEP Instagram ·