Illustration takes a particular place in graphic design.
It more and more often appears on packages and does a great influence selling goods.

This project is a series of illustrations created especially for Veggo brand which is a new one in our country and promotes a fresh tradition of vegan products.
The aim was to create viable, light and colorful illustrations, reminding main characteristic details of objects they show. Why because they look realistic and edible enough.

One of the main challenges was a coloring process. 
A vast palette of color tones reveals each object even more natural.
These illustrations are adapted to packages of Veggo production and take an important role forming an identity of this brand.
A linear version of illustration.
Each of them was drawn using ink pen on paper.
It gave more vitality and naturalness for illustrations.
A few details of the drawing process.
The final result. All illustrations in color.

An illustration of raspberries.
During the process of this illustration, I did a lot studies, how this berry seems in true.
And I have noticed that there are left marks of all steps of its growth: from blooming to crackling berry.
While drawing cherries I had an aim to find more unconventional position and view.
After many sketches this composition was chosen as the final.
The composition of coconut and vanilla was one of the greatest challenges creating this set of illustrations.
The surface of coconut is a quite chaotic. So there was an aim to find a solution, how to show it aesthetically and naturally as well.
Also there was important to find unusual composition and to show a hierarchy of objects.
Cheburek with the filling of vegetables.
The main accent of composition is broccoli.That is an essential ingredient of the filling.
There was an interesting task how to show many elements in one composition, keeping a domination of one of them and avoiding a chaos in illustration a the same time.
Three kinds of hamburgers.
The first one is a hamburger with filling of beetroot.
This hamburger illustration with the filling of carrots is one of sensitive and light from this series of works.
Could food have its character?
This mexican hamburger with soy and mexican spices is like a hero.
That was the aim to create the most lively hamburger of all.
I hope, I had a success to achieve this aim:)
Some details of various ingredients.
In the very beginning... A search of graphic style: lines, colors, compositions.
Thanks for watching this project!  |  AČIŪ!


Illustrations are drawn for Veggo brand which is a new one in our country and promotes a fresh tradition of vegan products.


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