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    Create t-shirt designs for 3 different women's stories that have been in human Trafficking
Sex Trafficking
These are 3 t-shirt design that I have entered in to a contest and I need your help! please click on the links and vote for my shirts by clicking I dig it. Thank you so much to everyone that has all ready voted, I love you all!

1. JIALI’s Story
Jiali’s victory and ability to be free before being caught by her vipers, reminds me of a mongoose which when faced against a viper defies all odds. It has the agility and speed to escape the vipers poisonous bite and remain unharmed from its encounter just like Jiali.

2. KYI's Story
Any of us can easily be over taken by our daunting sea of a past. Kyi's story of a mothers love is unforgettable and reminds us that one good thing can help you for get a sea of pain.

3. EM's Story
If caught at a young age and trained properly the Capuchin monkey can be taught to not run away. Em is like the Capuchin monkey in this cage, she holds the key to her freedom but does not use it. Em has been forced to believe the lie that she has no other option but to stay.