Dreamcatcher - You are Dust and nothing more

This project is a contradiction of two forces :
Life and Death.

As humans we are capable of so many things and our consciousness is constantly
evolving and expanding.

Life is for living - my written line, you could see in one of my projects.

Symbolic fist - hidden meaning

" Don't give up whatever you do "

as in this project wings
" In to indefinite" :
Wings - Representation of Freedom - Touch the Sky.

On the Background - Sphere - Earth and Water, one my projects.
and on the front :

Skull - Symbol of Death

As we come to live, being born and
how fast our lives passing away.
How quickly we are disappearing from the face of the earth.

How meaningful we think we are and how meaningless our life is
in comparison to the line of time - light years ...

Life is just like the blink of and eye

Dust : We turn into,
like the :


2015 - 2018