Purell - Guerrilla Campaign
Physical Installation & Digital Activation
This was a guerrilla campaign developed for Purell for my Ad Design class. It involved two parts, a  physical installation portion and a digital online activation portion. 
For the physical portion we decided to embody germs in the form of stickers to represent the spreading and easy application of germs, with a hidden Purell hand sanitizing wipe encased within the sticker. 
Physical Installation
Sticker design for three germs Rotavirus, Rhinovirus, and Staphylococus. Each sticker had an accompanying statistic and a peel symbol on the top encouraging people to peel off sticker and reveal hand sanitizing wipe contained within.
The hand sanitizing wipes artwork was also redesigned and color was changed to match germs on the reverse side.
Video showing how the sticker and hand sanitizing wipe are assembled and applied. Video also shows how stickers are removed and used.
Video showing  the ease of the application of stickers and a collage of simultaneous clips of the different locations and surfaces the stickers adhere to.
Video compilation of images of all the different installation of the stickers
Images showing installations of stickers.
Digital Activation
Social media campaign activating the stickers through the use of Twitter and a site dedicated to tracking the germ locations.
Detail image of stickers pointing out the Twitter handle @killsthemost that consumers can tweet pictures of germs they discover to for a chance for discounted Purell products. Also the website address is listed so fans can see the germs spread on an interactive map.
Consumers can take a picture of the germs they find and immediately tweet the image using their smart phones @killsthemost.
Consumers tweets will then display on the Purell Twitter account, where they will be contacted with promotional codes for discounts on products.
Purell's Twitter profile design featuring the germ stickers and custom hand sanitizer design.
Example of Purell Twitter postings.
Consumer tweets @killsthemost with attached images.
Map page of www.purellgermtracker.com showing locations of all the germs submitted by consumers to the Twitter page. They are color coded according to germ and each point interactive.
When a point is clicked on a box pops up displaying the image, name, tweet, etc. Each image tweeted @killsthemost is cataloged for location, image, description etc. Consumers are able to visit the site to see the spread of germs, the current count of germs submitted and the image gallery. There is also a live Twitter feed on the bottom.
Gallery made up of the images posted by consumers at Purell Twitter account.
Each image when clicked on displays original tweet, consumer who posted the message, and the amount of views. It also allows for easy scrolling between images.
Close up of germ counter featured on map page.
Close up of live Twitter feed footer of website.
Digital activation - Unused App Proposal
Purell Reveal App mock-up. App was designed to show the germs that are not seen by the human high and raise awareness.