Wine Labels / Colorful Brands — 18 Designs by JOHNSON
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    Series of Fun Wine Brands
The 'look and feel' of every wine label I create is driven by the price-point of one bottle, the source of the wine and the audience that is being targeted. 'Fun' brands are generally created for mass appeal and can be found in "Big Box" stores. These are not wines from estate vineyards... but, in the past decade, the quality of these wines at affordable prices has greatly improved. My intention in the following labels is to capture the fun and frolicking we engage in when we drink wine. Enjoying wine is a great social event; be it with a meal or with friends.
 Launched at Trader Joe's and doing quite well.
A GREAT wine for $7.99. ORGANIC.
 First Organic Chardonnay at COSTCO.
The shipper looks really cool.
 Another cool brand for Trader Joe's.
An introduction to unique varietals / not the typical ones.
 RARE. High Quality Pinot Noir. Limited. Allocated.
 Created for Canadian Wine Lovers!
 Dry Creek Valley wine.
A $12.99 brand available at TARGET and BEVMO stores. The client asked for a retro-70s look.
Elsewhere in my portfolio is a detailedStep-by-Step Project that shows the sketches and development of this label.
CANARD SAUVAGE is a great value wine available at Trader Joe's. $8.99.
I enjoyed creating this drawing and this casual label. A fun inexpensive brand.
Queen of Hearts is distributed from a winery in Solvang, California. Nice juice... great value.
le bon vin de la Napa Valley: commissioned by Don Sebastiani & Sons. I enjoyed doing illustration and digital effects to create this Vintage French Poster look. Large prints of this sell in my Art Gallery in Healdsburg.
Soon to be launched wines from the Island of Corsica.
Second label for Lockwood Vineyards. All art is Digital. Looks cool on the bottle.
A nice priced wine available at Target Stores. Elsewhere in my portfolio is a detailedStep-by-Step Project that shows the sketches and development of this label.
The precursor to SMOKING LOON. Created for Don Sebastiani & Sons.
The original design for this successful brand. I named the brand and produced art in an Audubon Style. I like using realistic illustration in the context of humor. Perhaps it's more sophisticated as a result.
Second label for Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves. My grandest use of ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. I colaborated with a talented digital artist who converted my pen & ink art into this bright label... GRADIENTS rock!
A great value wine. I named the brand and produced it in my usual manner: pen & ink + digital finish.