Applications of Cardboards and Cardboard Boxes
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Applications of Cardboards and Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard boxes are a very integral aspect of the packaging and logistics industry. They are heavily used in packaging different types of goods. There are different types of cardboards that are used for different functions in our day to day lives. Shoes, board games, facial tissue, spaghetti noodles are some of the products that come in cardboard packages. The cardboard box is usually made from recycled paper. While some cardboard is made from recycled kraft, some of the boards are made from virgin kraft. Recycling the kraft to make new cardboards is very important as it greatly saves trees.

There are three basic types of packaging cardboards. There is the corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard and the graphic cardboard.
The Graphic Cardboard
This type of cardboard is mainly used in the manufacture of puzzles, hardback book covers and three-ring binders too. The graphic cardboard is made having kraft sheets pressed together with an adhesive added between each layer. This process is repeated until the desired thickness is acquired. Basically, the cardboard is made to remain flat and sturdy. This type of cardboard is mainly made from recycled paper and kraft.
Carton Cardboard
This is also referred to as solid boxboard. It is characterized by a smooth coating on its upper side. This smooth side is applied during the manufacturing process. The smooth side can also be smoothened for printing or adding some printed foils. This is majorly smoothened for advertising the product inside the box. The carton cardboard is used in packaging items such as cereals, cosmetics, light computer parts, video games and many other small parts. The cardboard can also be folded to make children toys as well. The board is made to withstand longer times of water resistance. It is important to note that the board is not fully water resistant. A thin layer of some plastic lining is added to make it waterproof.
Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard is characterized by an s- curved carton sandwiched between two layers. It is manufactured by pressing a piece of lower density cardboard in very hot corrugators so as to create the s-curves. They are then sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard carton.

You can have different sizes of the corrugated cardboard by reducing the flute size. Smaller s-flute means that you are making smaller and lighter boxes. Larger boxes require bigger s-flutes. A bigger s-flute makes the box stronger too. Bigger boxes can be used in packaging refrigerators and other household equipment. Corrugated cardboard boxes can also be customized for different types of orders.
Non-packaging Cardboard
The non- packaging cardboard is classified into three aspects namely: - drawing cardboard, cupboard and chromo carton board. The chromo board is usually a thin board and has a coat on both sides. It also comes with a white shade and is used in packaging clothes in malls and stores. Cupboard is used in the manufacture of paper plates and cups as well. The drawing board is a thin cardboard that is used for drawing purposes. It is considerably thin as compared to all other types of cardboard.