SEO Tips to Improve E-A-T Score of Your Website
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SEO Tips to Improve E-A-T Score of Your Website
Recently, a broad core algorithm change was released by Google. You may have seen effect of this update on your website. Experts in Google suggest improving your content if you want to get better ranks. This improvement is commonly thought to involve quality and relevance. However, the current change now talks about improvement in a broader sense. It seems to involve three main factors which are:

- Expertise
- Authority
- Trustworthiness

It can simply be termed as E-A-T score of your website. It is basically a hypothetical score because Google instructs us to improve content while keeping these three factors in focus.

Now, it would be worth mentioning what you can do in order to improve EAT score of your website.
Don’t forget to add author name and biography while publishing editorial content
This is the factor which can help you work on all factors included in EAT. The first thing, of course, is associated with the question, “who is responsible for what?”

So, if you are creating your product pages, you will have to make sure that the people working behind creation of those pages are authoritative experts. This way, the business information would be available in landing pages or product pages.

In case you are adding blog post, you will need to include information about the author. That information is going to include name and a brief biography or link to detailed biography of the author.
Invest in personal branding
While you have your own content to publish, you may wonder how to ensure EAT of the content. It can be easy for the raters to view EAT of the content from other authors on your website. Hence, they are more likely to rate your content. So, it gets really important to build a personal brand if you want better EAT score for your content. You are surely going to do the business by selling your products and services. And then you have your own website which is supposed to act like your business Launchpad in the online world. So, it is totally worth building your personal brand because it is going to provide your content the EAT score you need in order to make your business get valuable leads.
Edit or remove content with low EAT score
You need to keep it mind that low EAT score of content on any page of your website is not going to affect the EAT score of other pages with different content. However, it is certainly going to affect the EAT score of your website as a whole. So, if you have the authority to edit the content to improve, you should go for it. Otherwise, you can simply delete the content from your website.
Technical security
Technical security of your website is very important. The matter of fact is that security is the major requirement for your website and content on it to be trustworthy.

When we talk about security, the most important thing you will have to take into consideration is the security of your website. It means that you need to shift your website to HTTPS as soon as you can. Google Chrome is all set to tag websites with HTTP as non-secure. So, you better make this much needed change as soon as possible.