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    Project completed as part of my Erasmus study placement at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.
Whilst on my Erasmus study placement at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany I was given the oportunity to study a project called 'Zeichen' (Translated: Signs). This project involved studying how different cultures use signs to communicate with each other. We gained personal experience on an excursion on the Island Hiddensee, an island 3 hours off the north coast of Germany by boat. Whilst there we studied the 'Hausmarken' (House Marks) that they use there and they could be found on houses all over the island. 
Following in-depth research and experimentation (printing techniques, book binding etc) we were given the oportunity to develop our own project brief related to the subject signs. The outcome was presented at Leipzig Buchmesse (bookfair) in march of 2012. I decided to create a childrens book and series of posters exploring space. I created a character for each planet and then created an illustrative style to showcase them. The final outcome came in the form of a leporello book, I bound the book by hand which added a nice personal touch. 
All information about the project and other students work can be found at the project site @