Roses Student Awards | Pen Pals

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  • Pen pals, the concept of taking the time to write to a person you’d otherwise have never known. In an age so full of technology and instantaneous methods of contact the concept of a Pen Pal is one in which the writer can relax and take the time to appreciate the connotations behind writing a letter to a pen pal. Within all of this we began to analyse the Royal Mail, finding they have vastly expanded the services they offer in recent years. But by doing this they have lost sight of their primary service.Knowing this we have created a campaign that emphases both the method and delivery of a letter to a Pen Pal. Thus being a form of communication that requires both time and effort on behalf of each pen pal. By creating a set of stamps that communicate our message and its ideals we have been able to embed our campaign within the method. Therefore making our campaign and its message integral to the idea we are communicating.In our response to this challenge we have utilised the Royal Mail’s service to then allow our stamps and advertisement campaign to integrate coherently.

    This project was a collaboration with Sunjay Morar

    Commended: MPA Roses Student Awards 2013