Sophie is having trouble getting to sleep and is kept awake by all sorts of noises in the night.  Just as she wonders if she will ever fall asleep, she gets a tap on her shoulder…
The story follows Sophie and her bear, Monks, into a magical land where they ride on rockets and taste the delights of the fair!
A double page spread, character drawings and spot illustrations for a picture book called I Can't Sleep by up and coming children's author Sally Doran. 
Story I Can't Sleep © Sally Doran 2014
Illustrations © Emma Carpendale 2014
A small winding path led away from her room
And a thousand fireflies lit up the gloom.
And into a dark green forest they sped
Away from her room and away from her bed.
Sophie’s tucked up in her warm cosy bed
With her duvet pulled up to her chin, she said
“I can’t get to sleep, I can’t, I can’t!”