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    Tricky tea set for two
Max Tea 4 Two
Tea pot with cups serving 2 person
This (prototype) Tea set was made for the competition Tea for two announced by Zepter in 2009.
The purpose of the set is sharing. The pot and the cups are one, and it only can be used together, because he function of the pot strictly requires 2 cups.
Instructions of the usage:
1. Put tea leaves or tea bags in the pot and fill with hot water till the "max" sign. Put the lid on and wait as long as the type of tea requires (3-12 minutes).
2. Place the teapot on the cups and to open the airlock turn the lid with 90 degrees to the direction the arrow shows. So the tea starts to pour into the cups equally.
3. When all tea is in the cups, take away the pot and enjoy your tea!
The strange wave shaped cups are not only supporting the pot safely, but also give a quirky touch to the design. It's a new interesting user experiance and rather confortable to drink from. When you use the high side you get small sips from your hot tea, if you drink from the deep side it fits to the lips and let you enjoy more of it.