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    mixed media drawings/ fine art prints/ monotypes
One spaceship, two cup 1- 32.5cm w, 25cm h. mixed media
"Sky was their limit" is a general title for a mini series of mixed media works I completed in January of 2013. In 2007 I worked for few months in the etching studio of the school of Fine Arts A.U.Th., where I learnt some basic printing techniques. In the biggest part I did monotypes. The ones that I have used here were carved on lynoleum plates and printed on light, fine quality paper. They were my first experiments and the quality of the prints was far from perfect. I  re-worked on them with markers and pens and here is the end-result. Thank you for visiting. 
Space hatter -32.5cm w, 25cm h. mixed media
Space- hatter and death star -29cm w, 24cm h. mixed media
One spaship, two cups 2- 32.5cm h, 25cm w. mixed media
untitled- 32.5cm w. 50cm h., mixed media