C-008 The Whisper Valley Community and Marketing Center
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    2018 AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards

The Whisper Valley Community and Marketing Center is a small 8,000 SF Community space that is designed to become the center of a new neighborhood in the foothills of Austin Texas. Nestled on the top of the foothills of this new residential development, the facility frames views of the community and the natural beauty in all directions. It responds to the Austin Texas vernacular of landscape sensitive ranches that maximize shade and energy efficiency. The initial design goal was to develop the center around a central space that allows visitors to immediately connect to the environment. 

This flexible and open space engages newcomers as soon as they enter, with a variety of innovative high-tech products and systems. The design allows visitors to easily navigate the facility and utilize its many functions, including advanced technology meeting space, media rooms, fitness areas and other amenity spaces. Throughout their visit, all guests at the center will have constant interaction with the exterior through views, daylighting, and connective landscape. Indigenous material choices have been made that allow the facility to comfortably grow from the landscape. The facility utilizes sustainable principles such as water harvesting, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and high-performance wall systems. The new Community and Marketing Center will serve as the new heart of the Whisper Valley Community, setting a standard for efficiency, comfort and pride.