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    A compilation of luxury cars made by porsche.
source: www.sacramentolimousineservice.net
Rolls Royce Phantom
You can never really go wrong with a Rolls Royce. It has been the epitome of luxury. The Phantom is the current flagship model of the company and it had been produced by the company since 1925 and it was revived several times and each time it got better. The times some companies would spend on making their cars go faster, the company uses to bring luxury in a smaller compartment.
source: carsroute.com
Maybach 62
Maybach has a different way of approaching luxury and comfort. It has managed to really make a name for itself which made it synonymous to utmost comfort while traveling.  You cannot deny how much it reinvents itself to see how they will be able to provide new levels of luxury and comfort to their clients.
source: gogotomica.blogspot.com
Bentley Continental
This 12 cylinder monster is priced for the simple fact that it can both be a driver’s car and remains a car preferred when if you are going to take the back seat. Either way you should be able to find it a pleasurable experience. The continental even has a GT version for those who would rather get the sportier feel without losing the comfort provided in the full sized sedan version.
source: www.carondesktop.com
Mercedes Benz S-Class
This is the epitome of technological advancement. If you want to know what would be the next standards on a car, you should look into the latest Mercedes Benz S-class. This German brand really knows how to go about finding the basic things that a driver and passenger would need. Some may find it too much but eventually it will become a standard.
source: www.autotrader.pk
BMW 7 Series
This is another German brand that had made quite an impact on the luxury car market. It had been quite a common choice among leaders and dignitaries. The powerful engine and the comforts that have been a trademark of BMW are definitely seen on the 7 series. Most people would say that this is not really a driver’s car but the Alpina tuning company turned this around by coming up with a 7 series version that is more driver friendly.
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