Assembly is an all-inclusive space which aims to bring together culture, art, fashion and beauty. This unique collective consists of a Contemporary Art Gallery, a Concept Store, a Hidden Hair Salon and a Social Space. The collective has a very open-minded philosophy and feels almost ‘anti-establishment’ as the space they created can’t really be boxed into an existing category or offering - it’s totally unique and experimental. Their always seeking new collaborations to connect people, culture and creativity from all walks of life. 

The space is located between the High-End shopping street, Königsallee and the Main Station of Düsseldorf - which is 'slightly more rough around the edges'. Our identity showcases a balance of these colliding worlds and captures its true essence by strategically combining design elements such as Type, Colour and Graphics to effortlessly communicate the character of the meticulous, high-end fashion culture vs. the raw spontaneity of urban street style. And Assembly is where these two worlds meet - literally (their location) and figuratively (their philosophy).
The base of our identity exudes Sophistication and 'Premiumness' (Neutral Colour Palette, Stylized/Clean B&W Photography and Elegant Typography) which is then ‘layered’ with Bold, Raw Graphic Elements which represents that sense of ‘Realness’ and Anti-Establishment. The idea is that the placement of the Graphic Language feels totally Spontaneous and Uncontrolled (like vandalism) but still considered enough to avoid illegibility (and a jarring mess). This way we evoke a sense of intrigue - challenging the viewer’s brain to fill in the blanks (forcing them look twice) and stay as true as possible to our original concept.
Concept + Design: Blood, Sweat + Polony 

Thank you for viewing,
we appreciate it.