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    Posters to represent the 2013 year of Miguel Bombarda's inaugurations
This was a competition for Miguel Bombarda.
The briefing was to create 3 posters to represent the 2013 year for Miguel Bombarda's inaugurations.
The winner has to create 5 posters... So... my idea was to connect each one to a sense organ of the sensory system, this because one of the objectives is undoubtedly reach various audiences and to reinforce the idea I used iconn that are of national and international recognition of the varied audience.

I used the following concepts: vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
When you think of these five senses, which can be felt differently by each to attend an exhibition, I remembered that there are people who do not have all the senses, such as a deaf, dumb, blind and they sure appreciate and show more sensitivity in some ways than most people do.
In the first poster, I used Charlie Chaplin with 3D glasses, this being the poster that represents the vision. I used the 3D glasses to express modernity, quality and difference of exhibitions Miguel Bombarda compared to other organs of art.
In the second poster, I used Salvador Dali with headphones, representing the hearing. The use of headphones was in order to "hear the art," that is, to watch her, imagine the sound of a brush passing on a screen, a picture to be taken, taking each observer to the deepest sound of art.
In the third poster, I used the painter and artist Paula Rego with a mask covering his mouth, leaving only her nose exposed to the smell of paint and varnish. She presents a posture as if she were breathing air art, showing that Miguel Bombarda has a lively and dynamic art.