From fishing village to post-industrial city *animation

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  • This is an animation we made for the promotional film about Siemianowice Śląskie city. It's only one of many animated parts we've done for this project, but it exists as an entirety and is one of a kind :) We'll try to show you as much as we can (or remember) because the whole thing is so freakin' fast and every detail can be missed in the viewing. We were just so tight with the schedule (three weeks for the whole project) and timing (it had to fit in with the 30sec TV commercial and the 6.30min short) that it didn't seem possible any other way. Prepare for many close-ups, , making of's and stuff. You're lucky enough we won't push you to watch every frame 3 times ;)
  • Final animation:
  • Clay:
  • Close-ups / details:
  • Some animatic we found:
  • Pretty 3D things:
  • Be sure to watch all of the animations we've done for this project here:
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