Forest Cabin House in Norway
Forest Cabin House in Norway
There are thousands of cabins, cottages, and lodges for rent in Norway. Norwegian builds the cabins in forest to enjoy the quietness of nature on a holiday.
Cabin holidays is a part of the Norwegian national soul. As soon as the weekend or school holiday hits, people flock to the forests and mountains to spend their free time in a small house near a lake or with a panoramic view. Do as the locals and rent a cottage, cabin, or lodge on your holiday in Norway.
Cabins and cottages in Norway vary from the totally basic (no electricity, and water from a well) to the very luxurious. What they all offer, however, is the opportunity to experience the traditional Norwegian “hyttekos” (cabin cosiness), a feeling very unlike the one you get in an apartment or a hotel. At the cabin, you take the day as it comes.
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Forest Cabin House in Norway