Making seamless transitions from the RTL4 logo to the first commercial of a commercial break is key in the concept of the RTL4 idents. These idents are usually made by Lukkien but from time to time they contact me to produce an ident or two. Fun to do and the idents vary a lot (depends strongly on the commercial). This is a small compilation of the ones i did (from 3D to edit and composite, based on their storyboards).
1) Base texture and maps made from scratch  2) Collected and scanned leafs for imperfections  3) Both combined in a 10K texture, rendered in Octane
Laptop model made from Scratch. To speed up the process, the ports and keys are photomapped in combination with displacement.

Brands: Ikea, Bol.com, Holland Casino, Andrélon, Knorr, KPN
Client: Lukkien
Date: 13-10-2018
Role: 3D transitions
RTL4 idents