Client: Calma Ventures
Year: 2018
Space Design: Francesc Rifé Studio
Photography: David Zarzoso / Convent Carmen/ Violeta Loba 

CONVENT CARMEN is a new cultural and gastronomic space born in the neighborhood of the same name, El Carmen of València. Located in the old Carmelite convent of St Joseph and St Theresa, Convent Carmen is defined as an open space both to the locals and newcomers, a convent open to the community where they can participate in different cultural and gastronomic events.

We have designed a logo in black and white, where the letter T is transformed into a cross through a neon green dot as a referential symbol to the physical space that once was a convent.
A brand with two versions (horizontal and vertical) to adapt itself to different application needs.

Thus we have a visual system dominated by the use of the reticle, typography, photography, positive and negative and a point of color. The color helps us separate the different areas: green for cultural events, red for everything related to their gastronomic offer, blue for the future hotel, etc.

The typographic family chosen for the development of the brand and the pieces is Commercial Type's Druk, sans serif and bold, in several versions, condensed or extended. As a complementary typography we have Schick Toikka's Chap, a classic but contemporary font that refers us to the reconversion of this religious space now open to the citizens.

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