Space Design​​

VIS is a women exclusive fitness studio brand established in Shanghai's most culturally distinctive district, Xintiandi, a sacred place for Shanghai's trends and fashion.
The brand hopes to show the characteristics of contemporary fashion in its space design, as well as displaying a high-end style for the brand. Colors and symbols are completely integrated in the space, allowing the studio and brand identity to be organically blended into a unique and identifiable whole. The singular language of the brand is to express different emotions, states, and meanings through three forms of lines. Straight lines represent peace and relaxation, curved ones represent femininity and sexiness, and zigzag lines represent competitions and challenges. In terms of application, the design inherits this unique concept and the matching visual language, and the functions of different areas are attributed by the 3 line styles. The overall space design is created by the characteristics of contemporary women's fashion, with the brand's culture subtly incorporated.


Designed by RONG Design