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    Structorator is a grid-based, experimental display font.
Structorator is a grid-based, experimental display font.
This typeface emerged from experiments with generative type design. It evolved from a piece of code into a fully usable opentype font. The two main features are its rigid but playful design and a multitude of alternate glyphs. These features make it possible to create interesting lettering when using the default spacing.

The glyphs are constructed from a limited set of patterns which are arranged within a predefined grid. The line thickness corresponds to the different cuts.

Due to the rather complex shape this font will look best in larger sizes and resolutions. Its best suited for headline, display or illustrative work.
–  3 weights: light, medium, heavy
–  5 character sets
–  3 number sets
–  Basic punctuation
–  Seperate diacrits
–  Ornamental glyphs
–  Access via stylistic sets *OT feature
–  Eandom access from the whole range of chars *OT feature
–  Total of 1062 Glyps 
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