Serum and Vaccine Research center
The British scientist Edward jenner edward jenner , one of the pioneers of immunization against infectious diseases in this area , thanks first to the eradication of smallpox and plague patients , after the spread of epidemic way , after world war II , in most countries of the world . the idea of fortifications and how they work , to stimulate body's immune system to form antibodies against the type of special and specific microbes , and by giving the microbe , that causes the disease , in a dose weak and debilitating industrial , rather than the microbe itself , where the tame strain wicked laboratory and periods even lose its strength and ferocity . in some cases , given some components of the microbe , or of its constituent amino acids ,and when they enter the human body through inoculation of vaccination , working to induce the immune system and stimulate the production of antibodies to this microbe.
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