Water Aid || Brides of the Well

Water Aid - Brides Of The Well || Raising Awareness

Nucco Brain created an animated short story for WaterAid, highlighting the vital
 importance of water in the lives of rural Indian women.

WaterAid is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to find sustainable solutions to
 water-related issues in the poorest communities around the world, providing people with
 clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education.

They approached our creative team with a fascinating brief. We were to work with the
 renowned Indian filmmaker and author, Shekhar Kapur, to turn his short story ‘Brides of
 the Well’ into a shortchanged animated film, bringing to the fore the precious nature of
 water in rural India.

We wanted to tell a story about water through a human lens: a narrative that weaved in
 themes of gender and inequality within water-poor communities. This film would add 
emotional heft to WaterAid’s message, raising awareness of water-related and societal 
challenges facing real people.

Our artists, designers and animators went to work creating a distinct visual style that
 would best allow us to tell this story. Using bold colours and a meticulous, painterly 
aesthetic, we brought to life courageous and relatable characters in an immersive world 
that did justice to the original tale.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from both the client and the general 
public. And more importantly, we told a story that needed to be told.

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Client - Water Aid
Studio - Nucco Brain
Art Director - Ryan Lovelock
Producer - Camilla Zucchi
Script - Shekhar Kapur
Design - Mathilda Holmkvist & Joanne Dertili
Animation - Nicholas Edmondson & João Vasco Leal 
Music & Audio - We Are Listeners

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Water Aid || Brides of the Well

Water Aid || Brides of the Well

Nucco Brain has collaborated with director Shekhar Kapur to create a short animation, Brides of the Well, adapted from a story he wrote to highli Read More


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