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    Porcelain sculptures for your imagination
Hide and Seek
series of porcelain sculptures
In the last year (2012) I had the honor to spend a couple of months in Limoges, France. Limoges is a lovely little town in the South of France where they have 7 porcelain factories. This is the place where the famous Limoges Porcelain comes from, which is one of the finest porcelaines. Its quality and beauty is so pure and amazing. The process is pretty time consuming, but it amuses me.
I started with a porcelain sculpture project with the theme Hide and seek. The titel refers to the game Hide and seek, because the pieces are inviting you to play. You seek for the hidden fascinating details, and start to wonder about stories behind. You don't even notice that you are part of this game, it's using your curiosity and taking over till your imagination is becoming the author of a story. A story for yourself.
I want every detail to be perfect. The paperlike porcelain sheet looks so real it even confuse me sometimes. But the crack is telltale, and a whole other world opens up to you.
Seeking for the perfect inperfection...
...and I am not angry for the cracks any more I know they are only result of an old wound I've caused.
The first sight is interesting and pull you closer. But it is only the surface, there is so much more behind. An other hidden world with rules of the opposite kind. Structure and scelaton, shadows and space. You never see all of it, but you know there is more where that came from. Just keep wondering.
The tension between my will and the personality of the material creates a bridge between characteristics. It's both strong and soft, tricky but honest. A curious game that stands for decades. Welcome.
All pieces were made at Haviland, Limoges, France, 2012.
me at work in the factory of Haviland in Limoged, Frsnce. 2012.