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    Home fitness furniture, made by molded plywood.

Many people do workout at home but fitness equipments seldom harmonize with living spaces. PLYO hides itself among the furniture and doesn't ruin the homey feeling of the rooms. This object is rather furniture than fitness equipment but still communicates its function. 

PLYO consists of 3 pieces: A 15 cm high step pad, a 30 cm high stool and a 45 cm high jump box. It expands your possibilities at home training, you can do many exercise with basic fitness accessories and PLYO together, or only with the furniture and your body weight.

The material of the furniture is bent plywood, wich gives a classic, well known look and also spares your joints with its flexibility.

Howewer the prototype (or 1:1 model) has been made by a thicker material, (12 to 16 mm) it's quite manageable, but not as flexible as the production model could be. Prototype created in the workshop of University of Sopron, special thanks to Elek László.

This project is the result of the INNOWOOD furniture workshop and the winner of the competition. 
Thanks for watching!​​​​​​​