Sherlock is a set of web-based tools for online learning currently in development that require learners to review, recognize, tag, and annotate elements in different types of media. It is an interactive video tagging application for assessment. Learners watch a streaming video and click buttons to apply pre-set tags to moments in the video. By comparing their "tags" against a set of expert tags, learners' scores are determined.

Landing Page
Training and practice exercises page. All exercises on this page is open to the public.
A sample of an exercise. View the video the right and click the buttons on the left to tag the objects or actions in the video.
A sample of an exercise with some tags on the video timeline.
A sample of the score screen after completing an exercise. Depending on the exercise, an exercise may allow reviewing.
A sample of a review screen. Here user tags in red and correct tags in blue are displayed. Clicking on the blue tag will display additional details on the right. In review mode, video control are available for playback.