Project 1 - Advertising Campaign
This is where I will describe the point of this project...
Nickolas Sanchez
For my video I tried to put the music romantic but it turned out to be sad music after all. That would be the main thing that I would fix about this video. Another thing I would fix about this video is adding another part to the video is where they are going to sit down at the tree. Also more romance in this video.
                                                      (Tim Rivera)
I wanted to make it at least a little bit of a romantic comedy mainly because our Demographic was young married couples and because I wanted to make it a little funny. We had the couple walking down the sidewalk on the way to a romantic picnic. We made the couple forget about mustard so we could have a reason for the random guy with mustard pop out from behind the tree for a comedic effect. The music I chose was the music I chose because I thought to myself that that's something I would hear in a romantic comedy so I put it in the video. At the end I added the voice over as a change of tone just to make it obvious that we're trying to be a fun company. 
(Hector Salas)

 This was my first time ever  editing a big video like this it was a difficult process especially using a program I've never used before. I did have a problem editing the music and its the first time I have ever put music in the background. I wanted to get like a happy kind of vibe for my commercial since it going for young married couples. shooting scenes was harder than i thought we would have to shoot scenes about 5 times. Now with the experience of project i will do way better on the next project.
(Clayton Podergois)

For my logo, I wanted to go for something that was unique, yet simple. I also wanted to use the ‘organic’ term in the name to my advantage, so I decided to use the ‘O’ as the main centerpiece. My method for that was to have the legs of the two ‘M’s’ connect together inside of the ‘O’ in order to make it look like the ‘organic’ is the foundation of the product.

(Clayton Podergois) 

For my ad, I wanted the logo to be the centerpiece of the whole thing. I decided to put little boxes of info surrounding the logo with the mustard bottle in the background. This was done so the viewer could get little bits of unknown details about our product.
The Logo is applicable in many formats which is a key aspect of logo design and practical design. I feel like the logo (if cleaned up) would be very easy to read and easy to be scaled up or down. The gradient would also be not only attention grabbing but can work in color and B&W. I also  I wanted it to be better but for my first attempt and as someone who sees a steep learning curve, I’m not complaining.
The ad Can grab your attention while at the same time calming and serene. My goal was for the ad to make you feel like you want mustard. It is very simple with just the scaled up logo art. The art should be analyzed closely and you will find the 80's essence font with the vaporwave theme. Attracts young marrieds because reminds them of their childhood.