Marvel Merchandise & Packaging

Client: Agnisumukh Work: CMF, Packaging Design, Prototyping Year: 2016-17

We started by understanding what was being sold online and offline.

The gap/opportunity that we found was most of the merchandise sold had extremely varied graphical elements, which didn't focus on the attributes of the Marvel characters. The design direction was to keep the products simple and highlight the signature colors and graphical elements of the character. Researching competitive products in the market we decided to take an approach that we will focus on a clear language using well known graphic cues that have been displayed in Marvel movies and marketing material, also using color as a backdrop to differentiate each product on a shelf. This helped position them not only to the fans but also to the general public to relate to Marvel better as a brand.

We created a variety of collateral for the Marvel program with Stuffcool that includes Laptop sleeves, USB cables, Pouches, Backpacks and Packaging and worked closely with the Stuffcool and Marvel teams focused on creating simple, price sensitive but brand centric products that fit well to highlight Marvel as a brand in India.

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Photography credits: Arun Kumar & Deepanjan Sinha

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Marvel Laptop sleeves