iPhone 6:
I love making concept designs and I love Apple products but unfortunately, there is only so much you can do with a flat rectangle. For this design, I wanted to keep Apple's stylish yet simple design language while at the same time adding a more unique style.
I recently purchased an iPad mini and I love the black anodized aluminum on the back. Unfortunately, sense it's on the back, I don’t get to see it unless I take my iPad out of its case, which is not often. This is why I extended the anodized aluminum to the front of the devise. This helps my iPhone 6 design to maintain the usual simple design while adding some stylish accents.
In addition to adding anodized aluminum to the front, I also changed the home button. This new home button is a touch button instead of a physical button. Also, the home button is backlit by a multicolor LED that will change colors depending on notifications, battery level, etc. Of course the fingerprint scanner is in there as well.
The biggest change is a larger 4.7" screen that is not only taller but also wider than the iPhone 5S.
I can't wait to see the real iPhone 6 this fall.