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    The University of Findlay's 2012 Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity directory.
Spring 2012
Although I did NOT create the cover, I did have to redesign it to fit on the cover of the book. Originally the artwork given was intended to fill 17"x11", which would be the entire front and back. Thus I had to recreate the design to fit on only the front.

I was, however, in charge of the layout for the booklet. Due to a limited amount of pages allowed combined with more entries than expected, I was forced to reduce the margins a little more than I would have liked. I think this was a great learning piece for layout work.
At first glance the margins seem to hug the edges quite a bit, but this was necessary to fit all the pages in with the saddle stitch that the printer used. 
Although there were definitely some areas that could have been improving, I received the content very late in the process and a near deadline. For my first project using a spread layout, I was pretty pleased with the experience.