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    Photo-series in terms of conceptual thinking: Absolute
This is the final project I made for my graduate studio class. It is a series of photograhs that explore and deconstruct the absolute.
Absolute as a Concept
Absolute is not simply a word but a concept that contains various sub-meanings and contexts. My journey with the word began while I was still a philosophy major. I first heard of it during a talk about Hegel. I don't remember the context exactly but I am pretty sure that it had more than a few things to do with the existence, anxiety and above all God. Surely, not only for me, but for anyone who has the slightest interest in functioning of things around them, those subjects must be of great importance. 
Nevertheless, thinking about absolute does not necessarily require philosophical thinking skills or a particular knowledge about Hegel and his predecessors. What I have been doing for some time now is only to pick the concept and then think about it broadly by looking at the hints of it visible around me. Basically, my project comprises three different point of views I have about absolute: Death, Religion and Love. This one here is Death
Death: Without Dying
Personally, death is the final frontier of every single thought I have about life and existence. It is one of the most concrete absolutes. Apart from that, death is one of the most curious obscurities of life. It is so there that life cannot be apart from it. So, to be able to think about or maybe deconstruct absolute in terms of death, one should depict its strong connection with life as much as possible. 
January, 2012
Ankara, Turkey