What to Look for When Hiring Residential Movers
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What to Look for When Hiring Residential Movers
Individuals looking to hiring residential movers to help them move should always first focus on four different things before hiring a service which are: to research the company, check their rates to ensure they are fair, check their transparency, and to see if the company is insured. Now individuals can always buy some cheap moving boxes and start to move on their own, but for busy individuals this quick guide will help them ensure they are hiring a great moving service that will only help individuals without a hinderance.
Research the Company
When choosing to hire residential movers every individual should always research a company to ensure that they will get what they are paying for. A great way to do this is by looking at around 4 or 5 companies that look great then start comparing them to one another. Some things to look for is how long has this company been open, does the company have a shady history or how are their reviews are they good or bad reviews. Lastly, prices and estimates for moving should be researched before deciding on which residential moving company an individual might want to use.
Check the Company’s Rates
This is a very important step to remember when looking for a good residential moving service due to how some companies rates can deceive the unknowledgeable individual. For example, just because a company might have low rates does not mean that the company is showing all of the charges. Individuals should research and see if there are any extra charges like a secret fuel charge that is not listed on the main rate. Another great thing to look for is to check if the rates will alter if it is a different season or if raining will raise the rate for moving.
Check the Company’s Transparency
This is another important step to remember that can potentially cost an individual a lot if they do not pay attention to fine details. A residential moving company should be happy to provide customers with transparency to show they are not hiding anything and are a legitimate company. The things that should be looked at is if the company presents customers with the following details: company’s name, company’s contact information, company’s license numbers, and lastly a federally required by law Department of Transportation Booklet. If they do not provide these details especially the last one the individual moving should avoid that company.
Check if the Company is Insured
The last step that is very important to follow is to check if a company is insured which is very important especially when an individuals property is involved. If an uninsured company moves an individual’s belongings and along the way something happens to those belongings an uninsured company can leave the individual who hired the company with a big loss without quick compensation for all of their belongings being damaged or misplaced. First, individuals should both check if a company has a license number along with insurance if they do not the individual should move on to another company. Furthermore, the individual hiring the residential movers can always check if their homeowner’s policy covers moving insurance or they may have to buy supplemental moving insurance just incase to cover their belongings. This is a simple step to remember, but can be very costly if ignored.